Sunday, 19 June 2011

Starfish Studio Sunday trip!

Doesn't this gorgeous treasure trove look so inviting? :)
It was our destination today, to the beautiful little fishing village of Johnshaven, to deliver my basket of notebooks... the order that I was blessed to have made from the recent Open Studio Event.

How's this for a view from the shop lane??!...

I never got photos of the inside and all the beautifully handcrafted lovelies that were nestled within....small child was at this point in need of a sedating car journey :)
The photo below has been borrowed from the Starfish studio website where you can have a look at all the lovely handcrafted British items Kate sells and even buy one or two! So much goodness!

The highlight of the trip though, has to be Kate's (Star Fish Owner's) 11 year old daughter who showed me an incredible book that she had meticulously hand crafted. Wow! You'll have to take my word that it was stunning and VERY inspiring. Being an avid "craft pusher" it fills my heart with JOY no end to see creativity oozing from young ones :)

Followed by a trip to a nearby farm that sells the biggest and yummiest Strawberry Tarts you've ever seen.....I'd have to say it's been, all in all, a WONDER-filled day :)

PS. go check out the lovely Kate at her bloggety blog here :)


  1. Thats looks gorgeous! Just like your notebooks!

    I got your email crazy lady and am in the process of replying. :0) These things take me ages!

  2. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon Jenny...and isn't it great how chance meetings can lead to collaborations?
    Good to hear about the progress of Kate's daughter's was that post of Kate's that directed me to your beautifully colourful bloggy world..and I'm soooo pleased it did!!
    Thanks for popping by my blog too...and your friendly comment!
    Looking forward to seeing much more of your creative loveliness!
    Ali ;-)

  3. Wow! Thanks for saying such lovely things!!

    I'll do a blog post about Kirsty's book so that Ali and everyone else can see it too!

    It was lovely to meet you today. I've put your books in a really good spot :)

    I'm glad to hear that you found Charleton Farm for lunch - a great place with puddings to die for and an excellent play area for the kids!

    Kate x

  4. Congratulations - exciting times for you. I hope they all sell by the end of the week and they re-order more from you!

  5. I love your little colorful and vibrant..!

  6. Oh how exciting! I love that store and I LOVE your basket of gorgeous books. Love love love. Hope all is great with you, sorry ive not popped by lately. xxx

    (for some reason i can put in my name & website here so im on my old blogger profile!)


  7. That sounds a wonderful trip. That shop looks heavenly - contents and location. And strawberry tart sounds a yummy way to finish the day out :-)

    Kat X