Thursday, 16 June 2011

Farmyard moooo-sical!

I was going to somehow relate stripping wallpaper to showing you one of the first fabric books I ever made...something along the the lines of peeling off the layers back to the beginning...
However, my aching arms (from said wallpaper stripping!) and lack of ability to think (from said strenuous chore which has been a serious shock to the system!) is finding it hard to make up for the fact that truth be told, I have little else to post about! ....
So here it is......a fabric book I made for my daughter many moons aim was texture and colour (sound familiar?), a touchy feely farmyard medley of sounds :) Moooooo00000!

These pictures are the original scan of the pages before I sewed it together...if you were to see the book now there would be a lot of little dribbles and muck and creases and faded bits from regular washing! Its been well loved that is for sure :)

And now I'm away for a loooong soak! Big hugs to you all! xx


  1. Love it.... enjoy your soak......

  2. That's amazing - you managed all that with a little one around!! Impressed.
    Hope you are enjoying a lovely soak, sounds like you deserve it.

  3. I adore the pig! Oink! heehee
    Wallpaper is evil. No matter how much you love it, somewhere down the line someone, maybe you, maybe the next owner, is going to hate it and will have to scrape it all off. I stick with paint which can easily be painted over and over and over with almost no prep.

  4. Wowee - i ee i oh! What a fantabulous farmyard feely feast for the senses! Love it!
    Ali ;-)

  5. wow totally AMAZING! love it..i love wall paper!
    enjoy your soak!

  6. This is such a wonderful book for your daughter. So much love and care.....beautiful.

    I hope you enjoyed your soak! A well deserved on at that.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. A gorgeous imaginative book for your babe to treasure and keep in the family. How lucky your daughter is to have a Mum whose so talented that she can make such a gorgeous treasure. Thanks for sharing this super special book!

    Kat X

  8. What a true labor of love! Such a special keepsake for your girl to treasure always!

  9. These are just too sweet and too cute, missy!!

    Thank you for the welcome home hug :) I felt it when I was flying over Scotland!!! I was so close yet so far away!


  10. Fab, fab, fab! That's all I've got to say about that! (Except, yes, it IS a mahoosive ring you see in my piccy!) Big love, Em xxx