Monday, 30 May 2011


Thankyou sooo much everyone for your lovely words of well wishing and really does mean an INCREDIBLE amount to me (and Stu too!)
It seems the open studio event has gone well for all involved, especially since this is the first year it has been's to many more successful years!!

Its a relief though to not have to be thinking about what I "should" make in reference to showcasing at the event and my urge to keep sewing still remains......

"Subirdia" came to me just as I was drifting off to sleep last week....not my usual fabric book style but a experiment for a wee project I'm joining in with. I promise I'll show you when done.

So in "birdie land" what do you think is regarded as the more "desirable residence"....subirdia with the man made boxes or country living in nests? ....hmmmmm, I'm a bit of a bumpkin.. give me "the sticks" anytime :)x


  1. "Subirdia" Sure to make it into the dictionary!
    What a great piece of work, love it all but so taken by the bunting. Sew lovely!!

  2. Loving Subirdia, the word and the sewing :)

  3. oh jenny, i LOVE the lines in the tree trunks & the bird houses hanging like apples...
    i love the fruit of jenny.
    you create a soft landing
    when i come here
    every single time.
    & soar & twirl.

  4. What a FUN idea- and SO very clever!

  5. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I love wow! i love the name i love your sewing and i just love it all thogether! yeah me too i love the bush/sticks a proud country girl.
    Congrats and heres to many many many more years.:)

  6. Such a beautiful and creative journal...Subirdia. I LOVE it..!!!! Wini xo

  7. blown away how pretty it is...oh and totally agree am a bumpkin too and nowhere quite like home in the sticks....really love the glad everything went well...

  8. Ooooh....I want it! It's GORGEOUS!
    I am totally a bumpkin! Totally!

  9. Terrific idea and it looks so beautiful. Annette x

  10. Oh I love birdies! Can't wait to see the finished project, it looks darling! Your package is in the mail and should be there in 6-10 days according to the lady at the post office.
    Much Love to you dear Jenny,
    xo the other Jenny

  11. Very interesting! i like it:)
    I'm Ramy♥

  12. This is so cool and creative. Great use of your sewing skillzzzz. I am so glad you liked your items! That makes me super SUPER happy! :)



  13. Oh that is so gorgeous, I think it's my favourite thing, it's just perfect!

    Glad the open studio event went well. There's one near me in a couple of weeks, can't wait to have a nose around. Maybe one year I'll join in.

  14. I love your suburdia! I am always amazed by your beautiful stitching. Gorgeousness, always!!!

    So glad your event went well. Congrats, again, on it!