Monday, 3 January 2011

Grateful for the small things

My big stitched postcard... which I'm not sure ever made it "home"

While I have never been big on New Year resolutions I have always liked to mark the turn of the year by sending out a few intentions to the world. This year, the message has been driven home to me LOUD and clear......being grateful for the small things!
And how has this message been driven home I hear you ask!!?
None other than the losing of a small set of keys....the only small set in the world that opens our car door and sets the engine roaring!....
which today we have found! Yipeeeeeee!
Nestled in the end of an oven glove there they have lain for 6 days, placed by my 2 year old's fair hands...whilst the rest of the house has been tipped upside down and turned inside out....

Such a joyful relief to discover such a simple thing! I can't tell you how relieved and grateful I am!!

Of course, there are SO many other things to be grateful for and I have a whole year ahead of me to search out the little things that often pass me by.
I know I certainly feel grateful for the magic and unfolding that lies ahead with Louise Gale's "Big Dreams Small Wonders" course which begins today!!!
I also look forward to reading all about your blessings and small joys that this new and bright year will bring :) x


  1. Love that happy bicycle girl. Glad the keys finally showed. My kids lost all kinds of things when they were little(broke a lot too.) In the days when people still had vcr's, ours wasn't working. I took it apart and found the crust of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich inside courtesy of my little one. :)
    Have fun in class!

  2. Gorgeous bicycle girl, love her. AND so excited you are taking part in the e-course....woohoo. This year is going to be so fabulous. xxx

  3. I hope your recipient gets their card soon - it's such a beautiful card! I think there have been lots delays this Christmas, it still may be on its way. We've had small hands repositing vital items this Christmas too (as well as discovering locks on bathroom doors!). Enjoy your course!

  4. Hahaha... glad the keys came out eventually! Love the girl on the bicycle and beautiful message too!

  5. You make the best stitched postcards EVER!

    I love hearing about those little things because my life is so full of them with little ones myself. Puts a smile on my face.

  6. I am with u in Louise's class... so happy to meet you and omg.. I love your art!!!! Looking forward to getting to know u more.. xo xo

  7. You will laugh about this one day... but for now I can imagine your frustration over not being able to find the car keys!
    Love the postcard. Such fun!
    Looking forward to sharing more fun with you on Big Dreams....

  8. I find your work very inspiring thanks for sharing

  9. Love the postcard - it may still get there, it's probably just enjoying it's own journey.

    Glad the keys turned up, we had a special doll missing for months, turned up in one of my shoes, in a box, in a cupboard - why didn't I look there first? x

  10. What an awesome card!!!!! I just started a photo blog - pop by if you get a chance -
    I hope the person got that card I can't stop looking at it!

  11. Your stitched postcard is so beautiful.

    Glad you found your keys.

    Gratitude is such a good way to start the new year. I feel very grateful for the kind comment you made on my blog. You've been so encouraging and inspiring. So glad to have connected with you during AEDM.

  12. I love your stitched postcard. The textures, wording and design are wonderful.

    I am taking part in a challenge called "A River of Stones" where everyday in January the challenge is to focus on one small detail and express it in a few words, photos etc My internet is being very problematic so I'm not getting to post every day but am keeping my small stones in a specially decorated journal. If you think this may help your focus on the small things then the links are on my blog.

    Your keys being in the oven gloves made me chuckle. My two did things like that when they were small. Still do occasionally & they're 7 and 9!! LOL.

    Happy New Year!
    Kat :-)

  13. I loved your postcard! I love the heartstrings the most.

    I love that you are shining a light on gratitude. The simple things strung together are really what brings the most joy.

    We are classmates in Louise's class...yippee!

  14. Jenny Hello
    I so fell in love with your love and peas creations and am so excited I ordered one of your fantabuloso journals!!!! ( heard of you as I am doing Louise's workshop)I am the order from Hong Kong.
    Will you make some more?? I would love to buy one for a friend, my soulsister in journalling who is leaving here and moving to Japan.

    My name is Katie, CreatoKate on FlickR.
    Thanks so much I am so glad to have found you!