Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Soundtrack for 2010

(recording the mix tape age 11.. dad's "pride and joy" stereo too!)

My fabbiest christmas present this year, super bass thumping head phones from my lovely Stu!

I realise I am far from alone when I say music is my soul food. But ahhhh, soul food it is!
I thank my Dad for that, as his love of music filled my heart and mind from day one. The desire to seek joy and hidden heavens in music has never left since.

And so as a result trying to remember a memory or emotion without one melody or another attached to it is virtually impossible....My life story so far has been stored in my mind in the format of a GIGANTIC mix tape :)

If you said "at the breakfast table as a little one on a summers morn" I'd say "Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder .....
If you said "heading for the ski slopes with a concealed hangover from my parents" I'd say "Black Betty" by Ram Jam....
Christmas wearing a rara skirt and wishing I had Granny boots?..... "The Final Countdown" by Europe...
The birth of my first daughter?.... "Yellow" Cold Play
I could go on... :)

And so...inspired by the lovely Michele from Pipi La la who documented 5 words to capture her 2010, I'm documenting 5 songs!

1) Bombay Bicycle Club- " Always Like This" ....... painting walls, house reno, new year, spring, hope, family travels
2) Mike Snow - "Animal" ........ love, sorrow, big changes, friendships, souls sister, summer, strawberry tarts
3) Biffy Clyro - "Many of horrors" ........ reminder, renewed hope, spring blooms emerging, picnics (how on earth did X Factor end up with this song?!)
4) Arcade Fire -Wake up ....... live concert, sparkling frost, cold cold winter, unity, awesome, heart
5) Reflekt - "Need to feel loved"..... taking flight, soaring high, open, love (the desire to fling my arms in the air and dance will will never grow old!!)

"Good music" is so subjective, but these are all tunes that have accompanied me on the journey of my heart in 2010.....the highs and lows......and are now neatly stored in my mix tape mind :)

Such a fun exploration of songs and memories, thankyou for letting me indulge.....
I'm so curious to know what would be on your sound track of 2010?!


  1. Oh Jenny, I love it! Music always has a way of stirring up memories. I will have to take a moment to figure out my soundtrack for 2010.
    ♥the other jenny;)

  2. i love those photos! and a lovely way of putting it. great taste in music too! xx

  3. Funny how music provides such a hook to hang some good and not so good times on! For me, Elton John, Dire Straits and the Little River Band (don't tell anyone) make up some of the best childhood memories I have!

    My soundtrack for 2010 - Pink, Vilvadi, James Blunt, James Morrison, Sixpence None the Richer to name an ecletic bunch!

    Oh - and that is a rather hefty stereo!

    Thank you so much for all your support, love and encouragement this year! See you in 2011! ♥

  4. Mix tapes - I quite agree! Used to love making them.
    This year's would be...Alexis Jordan "Happiness" up loud on headphones for the 'doppler' effect (so I'm informed by no1 son) The Chiddybang song 'there was once was a ... (i forget now!)Ellie Goulding - I even went to a gig (and I'm over 40!!)
    Have a great New Year. claire x

  5. Great post! Certain songs always stir up memories for me. Not sure what mine for 2010 would be. I'll have to think about it.

    Happy New Year to you! I'm so glad we connected in 2010 and I'm looking forward to seeing what we're both up to in 2011!

  6. Funny. I was just talking to my husband and he said our life could be summed up in one big soundtrack...mostly Beatles, REM, DepeshMode and Cher.....Cher? oh well.....then I come here and read this post......spooky.

  7. hello i have a blog award on my blog for you if you would like it.

  8. Happy new year my dear friend