Friday, 10 December 2010


Surround yourself with love

Release the doubts, it's time to fly

Remember the paintings I showed earlier in their half finished state? Here they are done and dusted....
And now I have a confession!
Although I'm not truly sure what defines a "girlie" I would still hazard a guess that I am the least "girlie-ish" girl I know. Infact if truth be told I would have probably prided myself on this very fact! Well, that is until very recently...

Since embarking on this computer journalled world of my creativity and more importantly, actually committing to my creativity within...these little winged girls first emerged and just keep-a-coming!
I can only assume that my inner girlie is sighing a very huge sigh and enjoying this release, and perhaps as each painting is completed a little inch of denial is forgiven :)
So I didn't discover mascara until I was 30 and had an unnatural loathing of pastels and lace......the tide is turning and as a solid rule of thumb in the girlie world...I'm entitled to change my opinion :)

The first winged girlie's hair is actually inspired by a good friend's actual hairdo! :) Kathleen has always had the most amazing halo of blonde locks.....go and check out her blog "Keeping mind and body together". She writes the most beautiful posts that usually leave you heaving a big ol' sigh!


  1. Hey Jenners! Lovely, lovely! You are an amazing artist..and what's this about you not being a girlie girl?! Can I remind you of sparkley skirts and angel wings? Not a boyish look methinks!
    Love you, Kathers x

  2. These are beautiful! I have to chuckle as I write this because your purple elephant painting is to the right of the comment box. Nothing screams girly more than a purple elephant spraying the world with hearts! Cheers to identifing with your inner "Girlyness"

  3. I love being a girly-girl, although I don't dress the part, I am one 100% inside--it's so fun not to be.
    Your paintings blow me away!!!

  4. I'm not a girly girl either! These pictures though, I like them. Not shocked since I LOVE everything you do.

  5. What beautiful pieces! I especially love the way you've painted the trees in the second painting... great colors!

  6. Beautiful beautiful paintings! And this coming from not a girly girl.

  7. Oh Jenni they are truly beautiful guess the girlie wants to escape and fly!!!

  8. So lovely! And how fun to be discovering your inner girlie girl!

  9. Jenny!
    Glad you released the girlie in you, your paintings are BEAUTIFUL!
    Just wanted to let you know I got your ornament!!!
    I was thrilled to also receive the lovely card and sweet birdie keychain, birds are my favorite!
    Thank you for making my Christmas all the merrier!
    Much Love to you,
    the other jenny;)

  10. ฺBeautiful texture, composition and colors.
    Love the winged girl's hairdo :-)

  11. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The greens are scrumptious.

  12. Hey, you! Go girl power! I love your joy journals but I had seen this post earlier in the day and flagged it to come back and comment (had then you hit MY blog - thank you, by the way) Anyhoo- you have SUCH a unique, stylistic voice. Your work really stands out. That is a trait so many artists lack. I love these! I lose myself within them.
    Back to the joy journal- I was thinking about gratitude today and how blessed we are to have such a nurturing community of artists.