Thursday, 2 December 2010

My Creative Space

It's been the strangest of weeks...we've all been in this snow bubble where the schools have had to close and most of life around has slowed down to almost stopping. The days are spent cuddled up inside with the odd bit of snow shovelling and sledging. I find I LOVE this for the first couple of days then start to get a little stir crazy!
I've also not managed to make the drive to work yet because of roads being blocked and risk to life and limb....which you would think would bring a smile...? Nope! I'm afraid I'm one of those guilt ridden people who feels that only when I attempt the 17 miles there on cross country skis can I then hand on heart say that I couldn't make it in!!! :)
I realise that there are those of you out there who have to endure ALOT worse wintery conditions and to those I say Wow! How the heck-in-doodle do you do it??!!

Anyhoos, I had promised myself I wouldn't mention the "s" word in this post...but it's all consuming at the mo! I promise I won't mention it in the next post :)
I have started a couple of paintings....taking a more leisurely approach than lasts months challenge of one every this is my entry to "my creative space" over at kootoyoo.
I hope you are all keeping cosy where ever you are x


  1. Beautiful beginnings to these paintings! (Oh how I love your style!)

    I guess misery loves company as far as snow is concerned - we've been pounded with the white stuff in my little part of the world too ;)


  2. Hi from a fellow snowed-in blogger. It is getting a bit much though I have been 'snow blogging' all week and it's probably time to change the subject but somehow it has taken over this week.

  3. Love the colours in these new paintings. Hope the snow melts for you soon!

  4. Love those colours, can't wait to see how they turn out. As I can't paint at all I love to see how paintings develop.

    We've only had 1 cm of snow, not enough to play in, but enough to annoy me! x

  5. oooh....gorgeous paintings! You have a beautiful style! Thank you for all your lovely somments to me on my blog. They mean so much!

  6. Oh I'm lovin your paintings and you can certainly mention SNOW!!hehe sorry honey,I think it is wonderful,but will see if i can send you some good oll aussie sunshine.

  7. Love the beautiful blue and pink painting :-)
    I think it's hard to make pink and blue go together but this is just lovely. You did a good job.

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog too :-D

  8. These are looking lovely!

    Sorry you're feeling stir crazy. Hope you can make it out of the snow soon!

  9. Oh Jenny I am still so envious of you. I love to be snowed in. Me I love snow days that I don't have to go to work. I love the paintings. At least you are getting a lot of artwork done. Yeah!!!! That would be makin me do the happy dance.

  10. Hi Jenny!
    Just wanted to say Hello and let you know you'll be receiving an ornament from me in the mail! I hope you like it. :) I'm loving all the beautiful artwork you've created and shared here. Hope the snow thaws soon.
    Much Love,
    Jenny Wentworth♥