Monday, 22 November 2010

owls owls! one with amnesia and the others for free!!

For all you owl lovers out there! (And i KNOW there are quite a few!!) I had the great fortune of stumbling upon this oh so generous and wonderful opportunity to download your own 2011 owl calendar...... for FREE!
There are 30 beautiful owl pieces of art from a flock of talented artists to choose from...which is ultimately the only downside...they are all tooo gorgeous!
So go and check it out by clicking on the owl above!

The amnesiac owl is my little Art Every Day contribution..... Ollie Owl is the character from the little kiddy book I've been slowly was with my youngest in mind..but I have a feeling by the time it's finished she will be bearing children of her own :)

Of course this is where it all goes wrong for poor Ollie :)

Go see more creative talents here at creative every day too twit twoooooo!


  1. i am loving this owl. the tree is gorgeous, too. wonderful colors, again, just so bright and cheeful! thanks for the info about the owl calendar. my little owls and I will check it out! xx

  2. I had to come by and see what our syncronized brains came up with on your side of the ocean.....poor Ollie, I can't believe that he fell on his head, looks like he recovered well though.

    It's awesome that you're working on a kids book, what the perfect way to get your art out there, both children and adults can love your art that way!

  3. Omg....color,color everywhere....I love th owls...and what gift to give us achance to download it....I'm on my phone now but can't wait to explore your beautiful blog your header's Devine....

  4. OH your little owl is just gorgeous Jenny,thanks for sharing I'm off to have a look now.Oh and Jenny thanks so much for encouraging me to pick up the brush and be bold,I might never have done it without youxxxxx