Friday, 19 November 2010

Friendships! AEDM #19

'Love you more than rainbows'

I have a good reason for missing yesterdays post as my time normally spent creating was instead spent catching up with a couple of my oldest friends! It was our yearly gathering where Vicky returns from France for a pit-stop, and Diana and I step out of our busy routine of life and kids.
I smile when I think about the shared history and the bonds we have from knowing someone since we were 2! Quite astonishing and quite a catalogue of memories to pull from and laugh about! (soooo many cringeworthy ones! Haha!) I also feel so grateful that I can sit with these wonderful women and despite time elapsing it seems like only yesterday that we last spoke!
We have all grown and gone in different directions and forged many other long lasting friendships but it's funny to think that it all started with these two lovely girls :)

A rainy camping trip some 20 years ago!

This painting which I did a few weeks ago definitely speaks my gratitude to all the friends I have out there, the new the old, the near, the far and of course the cyber .... :)
(Thankyou lovely Jeff Bridges for your beautiful words!)

There are alot more creative every day people here so come join in the fun!


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  2. What a wonderful depiction of friendship Jenny! Prints of this would make the best Christmas gifts to those friends you just got to visit with. I'm in awe with each picture you paint.

  3. How pretty, I love the girls faces and all that purple makes it a very happy piece! It is so great that you remained friends and keep in touch:)

  4. I've just popped in from AEDM.. I love your picture Jenny. I moved to France 8 years ago and I love catching up with my two bestest friends that I left back in England. You can't beat really good friends..

  5. How sweet to have maintained a friendship that spans time and distance.

  6. What a fabulous piece to reflect wonderful friendships!

  7. Love the painting, great colors, Yay for friends:)

  8. You are your work.

  9. How wonderful to catch up with good friends. I love to catch up with my old friends - rare as it is these days, it's just like we were never part.
    I sometimes wonder which, if any of the friends my children have now will be 'lifelong' friends.

  10. Special friendships clearly deserve special paintings so you did well there!
    Love that photo in the rain. Could almost be me standing there in my kagoul!

  11. Sweet painting! and how much fun to connect with friends from childhood!

  12. You have some beautiful artwork on your blog..... so colourful and I am sure you will make some equally lovely Christmas decorations.
    I would follow your blog but I am having trouble with firefox & my computer hopefully it will correct itself soon in the meantime I will put you in my google reader.

  13. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and giving me the information regarding Artsyville, and your sweet comment..brightens my day.

  14. What a great reason to skip the studio time - sounds like loads of fun!

    I think this painting is fabulous and so are you :)


  15. Posting for my wife, Susan Crites:

    hi there,
    your painting is lovely and i'm so glad you have wonderful friends to share time with. those memories are priceless!

    the phrase, "i love you more than rainbows" didn't actually begin at the oscars. it's the title of my children's book that's been out for a couple of years. to see someone enjoy that phrase brings a smile to my face - you included, so thank you!

    take a peek at my book and if you like it, share it with those who are special to you! a link is provided below for my website and the page on amazon where my book is sold.

    most sincerely,
    susan crites