Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Curtains?! Creative Tuesday

Ok! I've gone for the slightly less obvious here, so much so that you might be thinking "what on earth"?!
However..to me the word "curtains" immediately brings to mind the rather dodgy 90's hairdo which involves a short fringe (bangs in america?) that is parted straight down the middle and takes the shape of "curtains" around the face!
Do you know the hairdo I'm talking about? If you were a teenager in the era where boybands were birthed you will probably have had a crush on one who adorned such a hairdo!! (no not me!!! Ok maybe just the one!)
So why a highland cow ? (yes that is what it is meant to be!) Well they have the most amazing hairdo's around, some have such long fringes its amazing they can see where they are going...and some have the most SPECTACULAR set of curtains :)
So this is why I have come up with this piece today!!!

Actually, as an after thought, this collage would be seen through my curtains if I lived 2 miles further down the road...maybe it would have made more sense if I just stuck to that theme! :)

I prefer the back of the piece where you can only see the stitches that were machine sewn in..
Check out more curtains over at Mr Toast's place :)


  1. I love highland cows, they are so adorable (for a cow that is.) I had a cousin that had that haircut, not quite as cool. His was more Dumb, and Dumber.

    Great interpretation of a theme. How many "curtain" themed paintings will have highland cows? Very original.

  2. LOVE this, and yes i remember the curtains hairstyle! lol Great interpretation of the theme oh yes! I do love the highland cow. :-)

  3. Very, very cool.
    (Such a fun & creative interpretation!)

    I love the front and the back :)


  4. Yep i know the era but you didn't say which one lol or were there a few..Love your hairy cow Jenny!!

  5. Brilliant ideal!I love your cow and the background. Especially the clouds!Great piece of work,Jenny!:)

  6. What a cute cow! I love his mop top. This is a really lovely piece of work and the background is nice! Great interpretation as well. Wini xo

  7. I immediately thought Bevo (mascot of the Texas Longhorns!!!) I really like what you did with the fabric and sewing machine. It has a really neat feeling to it and there is so much detail in it!! Those are great curtains!!

  8. Jenny, inspired! That's all I can say. Hahaha. I had to laugh at your comment as, yes, initially I did wonder what on earth? LOL. too too funny. Yes, I do recall those horrid fringes now. Glad those are gone. Can't you believe you did that with stitching and cloth! Whoa! Thank you so much for this zany contribution. :) Off to check out the other "artists" now....

  9. Very, very creative. I knew what you meant as soon as I saw it, but what a marvelous narrative. Love it.

  10. Ha ha ha!! Awesome! Really, cool. I can't believe that you sewed this, he's got some great hair, fabulously creative. Great colors in all of your mix, too. xxoo

  11. Yes...I certainly remember that curtainy hair-do, and the highland cow is marvelous. You stitched this all! Amazing and very effective.

  12. At first I thought you were going to say you had cows on your curtains! ha. Clever...very clever! :)

  13. I love the way you interpreted the word curtains to create this wonderful work of art.

  14. Heehee! I'm delighted you all like Hamish the hairy Highland Cow (or Heilant Coo if you want the scottish version!) :)xx

  15. Well, this piece certainly has something to say :D Your cow has attitude and the expression on his face dares anyone to comment on his hair :D

    Nice piece of work and an interesting interpretation of the challenge. Thanks for sharing.

    (up far too late for her own good)