Friday, 29 October 2010

The art of balance...a work in progress!

This piece "the art of balance" is still not finished. There are changes to be made, bits to be added..but I thought it quite relevant to where I'm at right now...
I need to make some changes and find that point of balance again! I like to think I am a work in progress too :)

I have been feeling soooo inspired lately. I haven't been so productive (creatively) in a LONG time...which is just AMAZING! Fills me with so much JOY!
However, as I'm sure ALL you creative peeps out there know... this creativity often comes at the expense of other aspects of life. For me it's not been in the most obvious of ways ...but the subtle hints are now fairly blatant!

Time has begun to feel like the enemy.. so much to do and so little of it...I know you all KNOW!! And I am aware of being far less present ...its the bemused faces of the kids as they ask me a question for the 50th time and finally get an answer as I snap out of my little creative daydream!
I would like to comment on the housework being neglected but if truth be told it has never really been high on my list of priorities!! :0/

So I am TRYING to let go of this frenzied feeling that EVERYTHING has to be done now!! I should really have a sign taped up saying "step away from the sewing machine". That would probably go a BIG way to restoring some balance :) I am trying to just enjoy the moments when I am free to be creative....not be so fixated on cramming as much as possible in!! Quality not quantity comes to mind!
There will always be room for improvement , of this I am in no doubt!!
I guess I'll always be a work in progress :)

I'd LOVE to hear how all you wonderfully creative people out there manage to restore some kind of equilibrium in your lives. All suggestions welcome :)


  1. Boy do I ever know what you mean. Working full time, running around after 2 busy boys, maintaining a household and trying to find time to work on your passions can sometimes make is seem like you are spinning in a circle. It always seems that there are not enough pieces of the pie for all the aspects of your life.

    Now, I have a theory about a clean house. People with clean houses have no hobbies because cleaning is their hobby. I do like a clean house, so I broke down and got a cleaning lady. I rather spend the money to have a clean house then do it myself and waste that precious time cleaning instead of creating. Plus, even though I wasn’t cleaning all that much before, I still worried that it wasn’t getting done. It makes a world of difference.

    I think the best thing to find out is that, you are not alone. There are so many others of us out there feeling the same way; Feeling like we neglect our family, home and friends to live the creative dream. But, I just know that when I am being creative, I seem to not mind the working full time, running around after 2 busy boys and maintaining a household. Happy Mom= Happy Family and those are words to live by.

    I also try to remember that I am writing the story of my life each and every second of the day. Write the story that you want to be retold for years and years to come.

  2. Jenny, this post is a delight to read because as Nelly (hello woman of wisdom!) pointed out it shows me I'm not alone.

    This piece you are working on is beautiful so far. I hope you're planning on selling 8x10 prints of it when you're finished because I have a frame in my sewing room (this is slowly becoming anything creative room) that could house this important reminder.

    Also, I don't know if it's possible, but it's tough for me to comment because my google account isn't active and half the time it won't let me there a way to add name/url so I can just leave that and comment more easily and frequently?

    B @

  3. What a sweet breath of fresh air you lovely ladies are! :) My heart is full of gratitude and joy!
    Nelly, you have made me sigh a HUGE releasing relaxing sigh! :) Aaaah! Bless you and your cotton socks :) Your words have truly struck a chord.... "write the story that you want to be retold..." My new mantra! THANKYOU! x
    Sweet Limes, you are so VERY sweet! :)Thankyou for your wonderful support of my paintings! One of these days I WILL sell my artwork...courage and bravery required first!! :)
    Also my computer skills aren't too hot but if you know of a way to do what it is you suggest please let me know and I'll be happy to try :)x

    Now I am going to ENJOY my weekend knowing I am SOOOO not alone!! Yay!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  4. It's just amazing coming in here and seeing all this work you're doing. You seem to be unbelievably productive. It's kind of self-generating, isn't it? The more you actually do things, the more you want to and can do; the more ideas you get, the more possibilities there are. It's like a language - and you have to keep speaking it to be able go on doing so.

    I was struck by what Nelly said about not minding being busy with other things if she was bein creative and I wondered if you felt that too? For me the important thing is to do something, even if I'd like to do more than I usually can, because of other things. I've found that even if I just do a couple of small paintings, or even just experiments with paint -total time perhaps 10/15 minutes - that's enough to feel that I'm connected with whatever it is that I so need to stay balanced. Perhaps you've needed to do it so much up to now to make sure that this really is going to stay in your life - but maybe, as you realise that you're never going to let this go out of your life now, you'll increasingly find that you can walk away even still full of ideas, because you'll be confident that you're later going to find your way back there!

  5. There's a quote that goes something like...'you'll always regret what you didn't do'...and that won't be the housework! Enjoy your creative burst while it's boyant and clean out the kitchen cupboards when it isn't!

  6. Your thoughts on the art of balance ring so true for me too. I can never find a way to fit it all in. When one part is going swimmingly something else is definitely suffering.
    I constantly curse time....that there is not enough of it....and I often have to say ‘step away from the computer’ as well as ‘step away from the sewing machine’.....Balance! I sometimes think our sole purpose in life is constantly strive for balance. Keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure.
    If you ever find the answer, please share....
    and p.s I can't believe you don't sell your artwork. You are an amazing artist.

  7. Oh yes, you are most definitely not alone. My list of priorities have changed so much in the last few years. I am definitely not getting any younger and there's so much that I want to do, and I want to enjoy and take in every little thing that I can.
    My biggest and only thing that I neglect is my poor house, and it's not so much a worry anymore. When I'm not around anymore, I really don't think that anyone will care if my house was clean. My life makes me very content and happy and that's how I want everyone to remember me--I love art therapy :)

  8. Your comments have all made me smile HUGELY! I am so grateful!
    I have to say firstly..I'm glad we're all agreed of the place where domestic duties sits on our list of important things! :)Thankyou Claire and Diane!
    Tamsin.. wow!Thankyou for your insights. You may have hit on a few home truths there which I am still mulling over!..Sometimes the reasons why I feel and act certain ways are the least obvious to me!! However it usually becomes clear in the end! :)
    Finki...Thankyou for your lovely compliment :) Also I think you might be right!...its a never ending art this perfection of balance..hopefully one day we'll get better at it...and step away from the computer....nooooooooooo!!!!!

  9. OH don't step away from the art,I'm all for finding the balance.I must say i am really enjoying this creative streak you are having and hope it continues so bountifully.Hmm and housework,,mmm what is that,she says with her table full of clutter of scrapbooking pages..LOve the art of balance,that little guy is very cute.

  10. Hellooo! So lovely to 'meet' you! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I'm your ornament swap buddy! I was reading your post above and nodding's like you were taking the thoughts right out of my head! I so relate to all of that, especially the kids bit! lol! LOVE your 'art of balance' piece and looking forward to exploring your work more!

  11. What a lovely piece. I'm a fan of Chameleons and I love the colours you have used here. Embrace your inspired state and be as creative as possible while it lasts, I say! Thanks for your sweet words on my blog :)