Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I thought it would be rude if I didn't show the finished results of "Angel in a Kaftan", that was hiding in the corner of the last post, so here she is. I cut the material behind her wings so you can see the light shining through the lace material. She'a a bit of a grooovy angel :)

As per usual the sewing machine is never far away and I wanted to create some more angels but less fiddly and time consuming than the ones in my etsy shop. I also wanted to try out painted's the results.


Not a great quality photo. The tall ones particularly remind me of Kelly Rae-Roberts' beautiful work, so not wanting to recreate anyone else's artwork I'm now making angels which dangle from all kinds of wierd and wonderful positions of flight! ( Thats a bee-hive hairdo the pink and orange angel has incase you were in awe of her ginormous head!)

And while I am on the topic of angels I just HAVE to share the angels that bless my life and make everything that little bit more wonder-full each and every day....from the heart of my bottom THANKYOU!!! :)

Maia XX
Skye XX

Jake and Effie XX
I'm not forgetting my gorgeous Stu, but as he is alot more camera shy and standing over my shoulder as i blog , I can't sneak one on while he's not looking :) Have to wait till another opportunity presents!!


  1. Hi Jenny, I llove angels and yours are possibly the most beautiful ones I've seen. And the fact that they're wearing kaftans and beehive hairdos fills me with smiles! I love everything you create, just beautiful. Em x

  2. Oh yay! I'm so glad you stumbled across my blog and left a comment ~ yours is great! So much energy and vibrancy. I particularly love seeing a theme move between drawings to mixed media to sewn beauties!!
    I look forward to popping by regularly xx


  3. Thanks for the closer look at some angels. Love the newest one!

  4. I love your "groovy angel", especially the wings, they look great! Nice work! :):)

  5. Thanks everyone! Its amazing the tangents i get taken on...groovy angels...what's next ??!! :) Actually the 60's theme has taken over but more shall be revealed later....!!