Thursday 6 February 2014

A collection of love x

  I can't possibly start without sending out a heartfelt THANKYOU to those who left such dear comments (here and over on facebook), words of support and sweetness that celebrated my business birthday alongside me. It never fails to astound me, that a single individual has the capacity to fill another up with so much love and support...and this can be with someone we have never even met! I am so GRATEFUL. (insert very smiley face with a wee tear in the eye and holding a hankie!)
Maybe Cyril can say it is a flower for you x
Love from Cyril

I'm not sure if you noticed, but I've turned the comment option back on too.
I had turned the comments off way back in the Summer as I was feeling bad about never replying to the lovely messages people had taken the time to leave. It was a time thing...not enough of it and having to use it wisely, which my polite upbringing struggled with. It was also to help create a bit of space for me to allow new things in , new style, new items, new approach, without outside influence.
Its a tricky thing this social media, or atleast I find anyways...that slight need for external they like this piece? Oh I've only got 1 comment this week, maybe this piece is not so good...and so on!

Anyhoos.....the reintroduction of comments for the giveaway (and then left on accidentally afterwards) has made me realise it's no fun being in a vacuum. Quite lonely in fact! Its not so much the comments that I missed but more the feeling that when I write a post someone somewhere will actually read it. Without the comment option I knew it was just for me and frankly I'm over that self indulgence! So if you ever feel like tinkling on those type keys, tinkle away....or not.  I'll feel delighted to know you are out there either way.

Side by side

So if I can draw breathe after this long ramble...I just wanted to share some of the new card designs that will be accompanying me to Pulse Trade Fair in May. These 3 are all about the love....


Which I am sending out to you all tenfold xx


  1. Love these designs Jenny :) x

  2. Love your card designs Jenny - especially Beauty full - such an inspired idea!
    Ali x

  3. I always read your posts and did find it frustrating not being able to comment and I really don't expect replies but I do know how you feel about not replying! Your work goes from strength to strength and I love the new designs x

  4. hop hip hooray - the comments are back on :)))))))
    PS i love cyril x