Sunday, 5 May 2013

Seeing is believing!

Silly me.....I have one whole photo taken from my debut exhibition! until I ransack my mum's camera (who was very proud and quite the opposite in frivolity of photo taking!) I thought I would share this piece and the stages of it.....

I've told you about my love of bears before..and I'd been hankering to create a piece with a brown beauty! My hankering is still unfinished...there will be more!...but this piece is one of my current favourites and is currently exhibiting.

The colours began quite differently from the finished piece....and unlike the way I begin most pieces, I drew a sketch first off , to see how the winged bear would fit....

Not liking the colours, I dripped and shlurped some tangerines, blues and turquoises...a different colour palette  from usual, but I was liking it more this time! Once happy with the background, after adding a cloud pattern using gesso and a hand cut stencil,  I went and bought some embroidery threads to match.

I embroidered the edges first , then began the 26 hour stitch-athon..squeezed into every moment of small child's back being turned!

Above we have 12 hours in ..this is the photo I shared and sneaky of, where I had you guessing who the wings belonged to!

15 hours above

Now I'm 21 hours in...oooh and getting so close ....

26 hours and finished. Hallelujah!
Next was the pencil sketch and a wee spray of artists matt varnish to seal.......and there you have it!
"Seeing is believing" on  8" x 16" boxed canvas.
As Gorgon Ramsay would say..."DONE!"