Saturday, 9 October 2010

My Giveaway of Goodness!

I have been considering a GIVEAWAY of GOODNESS for a while now as I do have quite an accumulation of things I have made and I'm always up for a bit of abundance sharing :) So this Blogtoberfest has set up the pefect opportunity for me to do so and providing a great way of getting the word "out there"!

Here are the goodies......
My black and white animals copied to make cards...the only ones in existence!!

Grooooovy angel with a beehive hairdo! Can dangle too!

Every girl needs a hair clip!
My little bit of Scotland..where I hear you ask?...The tweed keyring! I did say it was little!!

"Joy Journal" made from recycled envelopes and an assortment of recycled paper, to keep a documented collection of all things that make you smile and generate that happy feeling :)

So here we have it, a few bits and bobs I would like to you think you'd be interested?
If so........
*become a follower if you are not already and leave a wee comment below telling me what makes you smile........this will give you one entry
* if you happen to post about this giveaway on your own blog leave a comment and you'll get another entry!

This Giveaway ends 23rd October at midnight UK time when I will randomly pick the winner! Good luck everyone!
All are welcome... over the sea, way down under.....I'd be happy to have my little creations flying :)


  1. what a lovely idea!MY kids make me smile and the wonders of our beautiful world,My friends at home and all over the world also give me great joy

  2. Oh my word - these are such gorgeous goodies! Loving the Joy Journal especially :-)

    Having my internet access back is making me smile - I've missed all my fave blogs, and the chance to visit new ones via Blogtoberfest :-)

  3. Yay! Yummy secret goodies - Happy Blogtoberfest! :)

  4. Love this giveaway! I am a new follower! And what makes me smile? My kids, my hubby, and all the new bloggy friends I am meeting!

  5. Lovely giveaway. Have become a follower.

    I am a fellow blogtoberfest participant & am finding my way around all the blogs (hopefully). Tis a fabulous way to find new blogs.

    Would love you to visit mine

    I am planning a giveaway at some point, most likely halfway



  6. What a gorgeous giveaway!

    My almost two year old makes me smile when she comes over to me, lifts up my top and gives my baby bump a big and very deliberate kiss before saying "shhhh, baby!" It gets me every time!

  7. All these things look like such a treat! It's a very generous and abundant give away. I hope you receive lots of lovely comments!

  8. Hello from way down-under! :) What a great looking giveaway - love the B&W cards.
    ~ Laura (Moags)

  9. A brief bit of sunshine usually puts a smile back on my face. What a lovely, generous giveaway. Winning would put an even bigger smile on my face!

  10. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Comments make me smile.
    My dogs wagging their tails make me smile.
    My DH (the Lifeguard ) makes me smile.
    Your black and white elephants made me smile today.
    Love the Joy Journal.... if I don't win ....may I at least see the pages ?
    All of the comments on this post made me smile too.
    I am going to go see what blogtoberfest is all about.
    Have a sunny day !

  11. I just realized I was the 10th comment on 10/10/

  12. so great, love that elepyhant!

  13. What I lovely giveaway - one of the cutest I've seen for awhile! I love the cards, the drawings are adorable.

  14. Oh wow, that is a lot of cool stuff! & you made it all? That journal looks really cool! Very clever you! & I love your cards! You really are very very clever!
    I am one of your sheep! lol
    I smile watching my 2 year old being creative & imaginative. I really wonder what goes on in his head sometimes.
    On the way to bed tonight he went to get his Elmo that goes to bed with him & in the way was a small plastic pig, Ham from Toy Story. He tipped Ham over & told him "Bed". He just left poor Ham there in the middle of the floor on his side to sleep, while he took Elmo off to comfy warm bed. It was just priceless! To me anyway!

  15. What a beautiful (and generous) giveaway of goodness - all of your creations are so beautiful... I am always amazed!


  16. Oh Lovely!! We follow already :-)

  17. And also added your giveaway to my side bar :-)

  18. Happy blogtoberfest!

    Damn I love that funky angel!!!

    What makes me smile? My adorable little girl - ALL THE TIME, and speaking of her, she would love those hair clips.... ;) (Which would make HER smile, making me smile, making her smile, making me smile... a wonderful never-ending circle of happy!!!)

  19. Your black and white elephants made me smile!!! I love them.
    Thanks for this giveaway so generous ... I want an elephant!!
    A kiss. (Thanks for your visits and your support)


  20. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and for letting me know about your giveaway! I would love to be entered for your giveaway, I'm already a follower. I love your Joy Journal and beehive angel, they both make me smile. How fab would the news be if it was "Joy News" about all the gorgeous things people are doing in the world?! Other things that make me smile are: Eating ready salted crisps, getting into bed with fresh bedlinen, children who talk to themselves, and my cats running amok in the house. Hope you're having a great day, Em xx

  21. Oh yay! What a lovely giveaway!
    What makes me smile (among many other things) is how lovely it is to have made a connection with fellow bloggers all over the world. It brings a smile to my dial when I read such beautiful, supportive comments from people I've never met in the flesh ~but I feel like I know them through cyberspace.
    What an amazing age we live in!
    Thanks for our connection Jenny xx

  22. Making art makes me smile! ;)
    What a generous giveaway! So much great stuff! I love your black and white cards and the journal especially :) Great work!

    Thanks for sharing!

  23. Hi Jenny!

    Just popping in to let you know I mentioned your giveaway on my blog today :)


  24. What cute things you have made. Will be back to visit your blog and have a proper look around when I have a litle more time.

    Sunny days and the funny things my kids say make me smile :-)

  25. I have enjoyed following you! Things that make me smile... the thought of being a mom one day and taking naps in a sunny spot!

    I really adore the elephants you created and the angel doll is really sweet! Thank you for the chance!

  26. I love that angel! She's beautiful : )

  27. Great giveaway - your angel is so pretty:)

  28. oh!!!it is the most wonderful givaway i've ever seen!!!!please couny me in!

  29. i forgot to telle you! my sons' love always make me smile!!!!

  30. Great giveaway! I love the Joy journal and I echo an earlier comment - If I don't win could I please see inside the journal!
    I'm a follower


    This is the best giveaway EVER! I love it all. I would love that journal, I love those cards, and that little angel would be the sweetest addition to my shelf in my sewing room.

    PLEASE make my day and send it my way.


  32. Wow, what a giveaway! What made me smile today was when I came into work today, a co-worker told me that my boss decided to take the day off! Is that wrong of me???? It just made me so an internal fist pump ;)

    The second thing that made me smile is that beautiful joy journal!

  33. Well, I just happened to find your blog, and admiring how you create, and then I noticed this giveaway--possibly meant to be? I hope--thank you for sharing your creative soul with us and also this great giveaway. I am a happy new follower!