Friday, 31 January 2014

A song burst of celebration!

Its been 2 years today, two years since I left midwifery and became a self employed artist.
Just writing that feels pretty amazing.
New card design that's gone off to the printers.
It's quite a feeling to remember the lead up to that date and the utter fear of failure (and being poor!) that surrounded it, and to be sitting here now knowing that everything has worked out beautifully so far.

I had a dream during the "fear" phase where I told myself to write down a list of all the miraculous things that have happened in my life ( I get the odd "prophetic" dream so am inclined to listen!) I'm grateful I did, because once I'd searched my memory for all the things that had occurred/ magically happened/ worked out in miraculous ways, I was overwhelmed with the proof that life really is set up for good things and that it conspires to have it all work out for us!
The "fear" phase left pretty swiftly after that.

There have been other phases of course...the "excited but really have no idea which direction where I'm going but I'll just keep creating and put my name down for a Trade Fair even though I don't know what I want to sell yet "phase. Surprisingly that worked out.

Then there was the "blimey these stitched pieces seem to be going down well so I guess I'll sell them and go to a Trade Fair too" phase...that worked out also! 

Now I find myself back at the Trade Fair scenario for year 3, but it's a new phase called the "realising winging it is maybe not the greatest business model, so having a little more purpose,clarity and direction is a good thing...and I'll launch my new work at Pulse Trade Fair 2014" phase. (or Phase 3!)
Hmmm feels like the best phase yet...and I'm kind of hoping the track record keeps its momentum ...that things works out too :)

I've never considered likening my business to the growth that we experience, but I'm realising that's precisely what my business and I have been experiencing together....birth, vulnerable and still developing, exploring/touching/tasting everything, first steps, starting to walk, learning as we go, making better decisions, maturing a little.....
I don't think we're much further than that....but not bad considering we're only 2!
And I have to say I'm so delighted and thankful to be here, because the prospect of the future and the rest of our growing together is really exciting, and so much BIGGER than what I could have imagined at the start of this journey 2 years ago.

So yes, I'm celebrating!
I also have to end by sharing the other phase I've entered , inspired by receiving not 1 but 2 of these diaries as crimbo pressies. (I did tell you I am "inclined to listen"!).....
Designed by Rachel Bright

The "becoming ruler of the universe and eating cake " phase (otherwise known as "Phase 4"). Oh yes! Consider yourselves duly warned ;)xx


  1. That all sounds so exciting! I hope your plans go well as you grow!

  2. Wow Jenny! I can't believe its two years..time flies!
    Looking forward to watching the next phases and wishing your lots more creative successes!
    Ali x

  3. Congratulations Jenny :D Your blog and the way you write about your creative journey are very inspiring :) xx

  4. Loved this post - makes me smile big smiles and have hope in my dreams too!

  5. Congratulations on leaping into the unknown! It's a scary and amazing feeling.