Monday, 16 September 2013

Finding the groove!

It's only on days when you wake up clear and relaxed and happily anticipating the unfolding of the day that you get a glimmer of just how upside down life has been!
Thinking of all the mini events that have happened since the summer holidays ended  it becomes obvious why I've been feeling far from my usual "relaxed" self!
Events go from having labyrnthitis (again?crappo!) to amazing shop sales (over 30 items in 3 days wowzer!)...with various interludes in between such as croup, house decorating, work schedules, birthdays,school changing to full days etc etc...

It's safe to say, the main thing has been about a re-jig of life and pace family as a whole undergoing changes, ones that are making room for us all to grow,but that are creating some real growing pains! There's bound to be more tweaks required and adjustments made before things start to feel that easy comfortable way. However taking the foot off the accelerator definitely helps ...and Stu and I got the chance to do this over the weekend with a luxurious trip away...... a whole day and night WITHOUT the kids.Oh my!

It was under the guise of a birthday trip, a treat arranged where Stu and I could disappear off on a little adventure, just the two of us. Alone. Together. *Sigh!
Nature and remoteness was a-calling, which living in Scotland is quick to provide....the thing I cherish most about this home of mine.
We adventured and talked, walked and  laughed, drove and dreamed of whats next. 
The parenting second nature of always looking behind to make sure all stragglers are close behind, or not touching something that shouldn't, was remarkably quick to go! 
We had soon set a pace of our own, a familiar one but slightly forgotten....heading further into the hills and highlands.

The view from our hotel window in Ballachulish. Bliss!

Night time journey home from our fresh seafood dinner.

Even though we had such a short trip it was so lovely to re-connect and remember "us". It is all too easy to let kids and life take precedence. It also gave room for us take stock of the incredible abundance that blesses our lives and the amazing things that have unfolded for us and our little family. I for one, definitely returned with a groove to my step!
So happy I can't even open my eyes haha! 

A windy drive home...with the cobwebs well and truly blown out.

And talking of "groove", I just have to share what made me beam from ear to ear during my suffering of labrynthitis ..this edited video......

ps.I want an afro and am currently perfecting my dance moves  xx