Friday, 27 September 2013

A colourful kitchen

I'm so loving these longer days that school has created, as it means I have a full(ish!) day to lavish on my creative business and my evenings have returned! Oh yeah!
 You see, for the last couple of years every evening, once the youngest was off to bed, I would nip off to my little studio (aka converted attic) and create. This added onto the couple of hours provided by nursery, and I'd manage to carve out just enough time to dedicate to my little business. 
In the meantime our home has been sorely neglected, which is a little sad since I used to spend ALL my spare time filling my home with colour and handmade goodness.
So the freeing up of evenings = neglection no more! And the long list of things seen over the years, that I have fancied making can finally be tackled! 
So  I thought I'd share what I've in mind for my first project...see if it could get you going too?!
 It's nice and easy and won't take long! It was inspired by an etsy find by Nicole Porter Design.

Aren't they gorgeous? I love the contrast of paint on wood ,and the lines against the circular shapes. And those colours too..yummo!
I'm all for making the kitchen a colourful and more enjoyable place to be, as alas my creativity does not stretch to the cooking department. Truth is, it just doesn't interest me...but pretty things do! ;)

I found a Pinterest tutorial inspired by Nicole's gorgeous work too..which demonstrates how simple it is to create your own: TUTORIAL 

I also love the one-off  hand painted cheese-boards Millie Fairhall creates. Gorgeous wood and detailed designs......perfect idea if you feel like getting a little "fancier" with the old paints.

Of course, the painting doesn't have to stop at bowls and plates..get the wooden spoons out too!! Love these rainbow utensils created by Crystal over on her blog.

And if thats not enough...go make those utensils into a chandelier! What a genius idea! Functional AND funky! ( Inspiration taken from MarieClaire Idees magazine, and posted on Kim's blog)

It's amazing all the finds of wooden painted items that come up when googled! These are just a few..but enough to get my juices going!.... 
Now off I go to pimp my spoons!x