Saturday, 18 May 2013

My first exhibition

Finally I have some photos to share! In the end I popped back to the gallery to take some to show you, as it turns out the ones mum had taken from the opening evening were more a sea of heads rather than pieces! (You'll see what I mean later) I'm afraid these aren't the greatest of photos but I hope you'll get the idea...

I have shared the embroidery part of  the pieces you see above and below they are finished with a pencil sketch added. These pieces are the ones I love the most as I put a mammoth amount of effort and time into each one (plus actual blood on occasion!)  But they also hold every element of what I love ...contrasts, layers, colour and texture..and magic too! Inspired by the saying "coming out of the woodwork" my active imagination wandered to animals stepping out of wallpaper....I have fantastic bamboo patterned wallpaper in the bathroom, and while brushing my teeth often smile at the thought of a panda just casually sauntering out from behind the foliage! ...

"Peering through the patchwork"

"A kingly stance"

"Seeing is believing"

I've been sharing parts of the beach scene over on facebook...I created them with the idea that they all sit together to create the scene but are individual pieces....they make me smile..and keep me dreaming of summer! 

It's the most amazing feeling walking past a window and seeing your work looking out at you :)

There are 40 individual pieces of mine exhibiting, including some books and soft sculpture birds. You've seen some of the pieces before and I've saved a couple to show you another time. I have to add I have never seen my home so clutter free! 
Here are the heads I was on about! :) 

Despite  nerves, the opening evening was incredible. Its hard to put into words how whole heart-FULLY blessed it feels to have people take time out of their own busy lives to come along and support little old me. Actually makes me get a wee lump in my throat at the thought. And still the support continues with visits from dear facebook connections and sweet emails enquiring. Just incredible, and amazingly humbling. So so grateful indeed.
What I also take away from this whole amazing experience (apart from the dodgy photo! ) is the realisation and celebration that I have achieved something  I once thought was watch this space for the next " impossible dream" to come true ..yipee!
Thankyou all for sharing this adventure with me too.