Saturday, 9 February 2013

The long and short of recent days...

Ooh sounds like I'm away to say something quite profound (or atleast slightly interesting!) with a title like that! However it's actually my little attempt at a "play on words" , as I've been sewing sewing sewing... Long and short stitch to be more specific! ...well at least my version of it! :)
I started just after Christmas, and it's been the perfect winter evening companion as I settle for the latter part of the evening (after my "creative stint" when the youngest is in bed) And is part of an experiment I'm working on for the solo exhibition  I have coming up in May!(notice the faux nonchalance at just dropping that little bombshell  into the conversation hehe!)

Its a rather large undertaking ..(yes the solo exhibition AND this canvas) 
The brocade designs I'm stitching are a decent size,as you can see.. the crown alone took me 1 1/2 hours. However being a kind of "make-it-up-as-you-go-along-kind-of-girl"  my version is perhaps not as quick as it could be (or neat and tidy for that matter!)

But I'm really enjoying the quiet and timely process of it.. and maybe come spring it'll be done :) 
Do you have a little winter project on the go that keeps you busy on these long dark nights?I'd love to hear x 


  1. Er, yes I do. Many in fact, probably too many. They are all embroidery related, but none look quite as complicated as your does. Love the colour palate, and can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Oh I haven't done that kind of free machining for years! I so hate changing the thread all the time but the end result is worth it. The canvas will be super when it is finished. Would LOVE to come to your exhibition. M x

  3. That is a gorgeous and tiring undertaking! So beautiful!

    I grab my felt box and supplies if I'm going to have a movie day on the couch. Then I can still feel productive whilst hanging out with my family.

    One cozy can take me 3 hours to I understand what you mean...haha!

    This is going to be stunning when complete...already so pretty!

    ...and the solo show! That's going to be a fun adventure :)

  4. Hi Jenny i love this new piece of work and can't wait to see it completed. I love brocade patterns and the colour palette is gorgeous. I always have something on the go in the evening, sewing, dyeing, felt making. I am currently working on an order for twenty corsages, nearly finished, a really good feeling. You must be so excited about your solo exhibition. Jayne x

  5. It's looking lovely, I love that dense sort of stitch :)

    I'm working on my big paper quilt for the Festival of Quilts in the evenings at the moment, I love having a bit sewing project to work on :)

  6. Oh so pretty and intricate. Such patience, it would've gone out the window after being head butted a few times if I tried :-)

    Solo show, oooooooh. Exciting!

  7. Oh a d my project, with a little help from friends is to get organised, create a book of commitments to work through etc. A huge undertaking four scatter brains here ;)

  8. this work is simply stunning... not quite sure how I found your blog but am so glad I have... your work is so lovely and the blog and writing are so inviting... happily following along and look forward to learning more about your work...xx

  9. Solo exhibition sounds exciting - look forward to learning more about it. This embroidery on canvas is looking beautiful & I'm intrigued to see it as a whole when finished. I have to say it makes my own primary school level attempts at embroidering a few words, into the covers of the journal I'm making for the next swap, rather embarrassing! But since you asked that's what I've been doing many evenings & photos are on my latest blog posts. I could do with learning some stitches but I guess the practice, trial & error will eventually prove fruitful. The mandala I embroidered last year was such a pleasure but trying to attempt neatly stitched letters is proving a challenge!

    Right I'm off to visit 'Hoot Mail'
    Have a fab weekend. Happy stitching :-)
    Kat Xx