Tuesday, 8 May 2012

One week of wandering in the wild

Ok..so are you ready for a rather random walk through the wild side.?!...I'm trying to think where you would see this selection of animals all together and even my (quite vivid) imagination is not able to conjure anything! Mind you.. when you see the colours I've chosen for them..the likelihood of seeing any of these creatures is non existent!

                        A  dinky donkey for my daughter who is MAD crazy about donkeys!

                                                         "Winnie the Guinea"
                          thankyou Claire for this suggestion..she has to be my fave this week!

Hello Duckies!
 Its a regular feature here, feeding the ducks..as all you others with small kids will probably agree!

                                                     "A pair of pink pandas"
Try saying that ten times and fast! They're going to be holding a banner..which has yet to be created..

Aye Aye Captain!
  I love how things materialise..first off there was a little random circle of paper from a vintage magazine that I cut out and stuck on. After looking closer ,the words "barbecue" jumped out!! Feeling this would be rather insensitive to the puffin (not sure if puffin roast has made it on the menu yet..but fellow feathered family members certainly have..) it got covered up!
It's the wee sailor cap that has shown up, that I love the most though. Puffins are seen in their droves on the Northern coasts of Scotland and are so full of character for being so wee. I love that what was meant to be the black mark on his head has turned into a slightly crooked and very jaunty cap! Aye aye captain indeed!

                                                       "Head in the clouds"
Giraffes were a popular suggestion, thanks Tina, Lori Ann, Anne and Melissa....this one still needs finishing but just wanted to show I have dutifully created an animal a day..so far! Yay!

Beautiful BIG which is where it all began...

Thanks for all your suggestions so far..any more would be gratefully received! The best one yet is an Orang Utan...proving a little tricky simply on the sketching so far..but I'm determined not to be outdone by the "King of the swingers " :)
And thankyou so much everyone who dropped by on my new facebook page and likee liked :)
Come back next week and see if I can keep it up..... !


  1. honey, i soooo likey like you,
    + all your DEAR animals!
    this whole post melts me.

  2. These are just fabulous! I think the guinea is my favorite in this bunch too!

  3. These are so fun! I am so jealous of people who can sew! I always describe my sewing as someone trying to control a runaway car- the engine's pegged and the brakes don't work!

  4. Hahahahahaha - guess what I just bought? :)))))))))))

  5. That giraffes eyelashes are to die for. I think I prefer your colour combinations and will be very disappointed with the real things from now on :o)
    The blue donkey got me thinking of Eeyore, so obviously now I'm waiting to see Tigger and Roo. Any chance?

  6. I love your animal stitchings, they are beautiful. Just popped over here from Karen's blog after seeing the rat you did for her. Gorgeous!