Friday, 27 April 2012


I do love me a co-incidence, not only does it make you feel safely wrapped in the hands of something greater but it also allows me to paraphrase The A-Team's Hanibal.."I love it when a plan comes together..." :)

Having taken a trip down south of the Border to promote and sell my wares, it dawned on me how  daft it is that I have never taken the time to see if the little local gift shop would be interested in my bits and bobs. 

Its the kind of gift shop I am never be able to walk past without a look in the window and see what inspirational quote is on display or little nicky nacky noo I'd have to purchase to make my home even more "homely"... I think you know what I'm on about! :)

So with a small child off to nursery I took my mini prints on blocks around to the shop (which I'm wondering..actually have I ever shown them here? Ah well first time for that too!)
 Anyway wouldn't you know ,through a wonderful twist of fate, Fiona (gift shop lovely lady) had been given a catalogue, picked up from the Harrogate Trade Fair, which after rifling through had found 5 artists that she wanted to do business with..and one of them was Love and Peas! 
What are the chances :)

Turns out she's tried to contact me without any luck..and there I turned up on her doorstep with exactly what she was looking for!
I love it when a plan comes together indeed!!!
My mini prints on blocks are available in my etsy shop and now in Bumbles gift shop too!! Thankyou Fiona! :)

ps..I'm taking a walk on the wild side on 1st May..hope you can join me! x


  1. All happiness and smiles for you, over here on this side of the pond. Co-inkydink indeed! And, what a wonderful story. You are well on your way my very talented friend.
    Your work is the best and sure to homey up many a well dressed abode.

  2. what a very lucky shop...
    big hugs OOXXXOO

  3. Break out the batternburg!! t
    Fabtastic news - I'm SO pleased for you. Just goes to show what a litle tenacity can bring about. Keep going :)

  4. Jenny that is so exciting,and I love that you're an A team fan! I grew up watching that show with my brothers. Best of luck with Bumbles!!!
    Much Love,

  5. Ooooh.... Exciting!!! That is so cool!

  6. I arrived here by accident (...coincidence?) Subscribed and will be back. If only all of life were as simple as your recent experience at the gift shop!