Thursday, 15 March 2012

How hard can it be..?

Famous last words...

I've decided there are 3 types of people.
1) those who don't even attempt to turn their hand at things they have no expertise in..
2) those who are prepared to give something a go if they realistically think its within their abilities, but will call on expertise when required.....
3) those who reckon it can't be that hard and reckon their novel skills can conquer anything!
Guess which group I come into?.. (aherm..)

So my latest thoughts were why not create a "lookbook"  kind of thing for my books/journals....a context for them to be presented in...a sweet vibe to draw in some appeal...something other than photograped objects on a white background...
So with a 10 minute window to spare.....cue Stu (the novel photographer), me (the novel model..but I had painted my nails!) and the courtyard (novel glamourous location)...
Once the words "all we're seeing is your chest" followed by " stop turning your head there's way too many wrinkles" were uttered, I really had to admit perhaps there was a bit more to this photo shoot milarkey than I had given credit for... 


 Cue  photograhed objects on white background....

So come on tell me..what group do you come under...please tell me I'm not the only one :)xx


  1. Lovely work! I'm the try everything, make a mess and have fun sort! Valerie

  2. Haha. Oh my. You make me chortle and giggle. :)
    I think your lovely pieces would look good in any context to be honest.

  3. Camera, action...omg...your nails are gorgeous...and you are totally colour coordinated with your book, which btw is fabulous as usual... Gorgeous darling...x air x.... I think you can guess where I come on the list...

  4. well... not knowing you too well, I would put in you in category two. Am I right? The same category i would put myself in, if I ever get over the self doubt and really tried. hope you have a sunny day! Jane x

  5. I am DEFINITELY number 3. Today I picked up a very old suit my sister was throwing out, and decided that I could completely redesign it and maybe learn some tailoring while I'm at it. I've only really used a sewing machine a couple of times... We have to start somewhere though ;) I love the flower design on the back of the book/journal :)
    Helen x

  6. You are soooo not alone!!

    Those books are incredible....Love them!! I have to be honest that the plain white showcases all the color and detail of them better visually for me...

    ...and I agree, your nails are fab!!

  7. Beautiful nails...and fab books - I love the back too...and the front!
    I'm a number 3 with some things...and hardly ever read instructions before diving would be much less time consuming if I was a 1 or 2!
    So glad the world is made up of a mixture!
    Ali x

  8. i probably have them all in me at one time or another...
    + i'd love to add that i'm so glad you've given your nails a go,
    + your gorgeous journals. i am so grateful for all the ways
    you step forward into this life with all your beauty. xox

  9. ah i love them all, all the photos, all your work. and i'm pretty sure i am 1. - 3.

    gorgeous gorgeous book!

  10. Your honesty is always so refreshing and funny! What if you did the look book idea but from more of the 'Roaming Gnome' POV..."Look at the beautiful Love&Peas Journal on this lovely moss covered log, hand hewed fence rail, on the rustic picnic table with a few of its mates and some hand-picked field flowers." Let the landscape be your backdrop. Just a random idea. I love that you tried. I am too much of a realist to know I am nothing other than a #2 - no PUN intended. love and hugs to you my friend.

  11. You're DEFINITELY not the only one. I'm constantly diving into things that I have no clue how to do. And I couldn't imagine doing it any other way.

    Love your nails, btw!! (And that cute blouse!!!). I've been yearning to paint my nails, but I know they'll chip like crazy in no time. Especially now that I've been out working in the garden as I hate to wear gardening gloves.

    Your journals are really gorgeous. They look great no matter how you photograph them. :)

  12. Group 2!
    Oh you did make me laugh! I could picture the scene...