Thursday, 8 December 2011

Whats your tipple?

Check these out!! Your favourite poison dried out over a few months then photographed under the microscope...who would have thunk it...something that tastes so good is equally as stunning :)

I do love me some cocktails...

And of course the odd little glass of vino

Have to say despite being a Scottish lass, I'll happily leave this one out..strange how it actually looks like barley grains!

There's plenty more to view here at Bevshots!
So here's to a very merry festive time. Cheers :)x


  1. Great pictures and colours! Valerie

  2. WOW! The Pina Colada looks like butterfly wings and the wine, like rock formations.

  3. Wow they're amazing, no wonder Pina Coladas make you fly - they HAVE wings!! Such incredible colours, inspiring...

    Hope the costume is going well, I'm imagining doilies and sequins - lucky little one! x

  4. Amazing - art from booze - me likey!!

  5. No way! Wonder what my stomach looks like inside...! :0

  6. Wow, Beautiful colours, amazing formations!!!

  7. Hi Jenny,
    Wow wee, love the Pina Colada and my favourite tipple is Rose... great fun...

  8. oh wow!!!! these colours really pop!!!! what a great collection Jenny!!!!!