Friday, 30 September 2011

Painting, sketches and fair weather...

I've been enjoying a lot of painting and drawing this last week or two...its taking a bit longer than usual..flexing those rusty painting muscles...but the process feels like a nice change from sewing.
Poor Jeanie my wee machinie has been worked ragged time!
Today I took a bit of advice given by the very lovely Marcia Wieder about following my "ease"... I realise what a fair weather self improver I am because my ears really do only perk up if its something that sounds rather nice....any mention of "abstaining", meditation and list writing usually shuts them immediately. However saying yes only to things that feel good and are fun..hmmmm...I'm there with bells on :)
And so with this "ease" in mind I took myself off for a walk to my favourite spot under a Scots Pine tree which stands at the side of an ancient Standing Stone...(very blessed to have this on my doorstep!) The sun was splitting the sky beautiful and surprising for this time of I basked in the sun and made a new buddy...a little green grasshopper who was very persistent in visiting and saying hello!
And now comes the fairweather mystic...did you know that they symbolise messages of glad tiding! Apparently in Native American wisdom the seer of the grasshopper will be receiving profoundly joyful news!
That'll do me thankyou very much! ...I will follow my ease and not read any more google generated answers before I get told they symbolise something far less pleasant :)

Wishing you a weekend of ease :)xx

Ps. I've linked to the delectable Em who is hosting "Favourite things on a Friday"..because really what could be better than good times and grasshoppers !!


  1. I love reading your posts, Jenny, they are filled with optimism and so much fun! My blatant use of mahooosive is being stretched well beyond it's limit, but I just can't find another word that expresses the size and enormity in much the same way! Thanks for linking up with FTOAF, I love to see what everyone has been hearting each week. Em x

  2. Beautiful painting and the sketches of the birds are totally wonderful. x

  3. dear jenny,
    i am so superdiddly happy to see your gorgeous painted girl!! & your bird drawing precision is amazing! at next rain, let's meet under the scots pine tree & dance! xox

  4. All good things are coming your way my dear Jenny. I love your work so much. Grasshoppers are definitely a good sign. I think in the Disney movie Mulan she keeps a grasshopper for Good Luck.
    Happy Weekend Sister!

  5. I love the painting and drawings!

  6. Just found your post via Mimi and Tilly Favourite thing on a Friday - love the hummingbird. I could really do with a weekend of ease but not sure I'm going to get it!

  7. Sounds lovely! Finding inspiration out of doors and in Nature is always the best cure for "dis-ease" :)


  8. I love that idea of easing in. I'm with you on self help that hurts! Beautiful bird drawings too :0

  9. You just ooze talent, dahling! I love visiting you knowing some of your magic eased onto me =-) Wished I had a Standing Stone in my yard. Give it a kiss for me, would ya??


  10. Beautiful post Jenny! I love your girl lookig up that way! You are so super clever!

  11. I always enjoy visiting here, it just brightens my day! And I LOVE that painting AND it's sentiment- so wonderful!
    Hmmm standing stone; I'm a little jealous

  12. Omg I LOVE that painting!!! Pleeeaaase make it available in your Etsy shop!

    It is such a powerful multilayered message. To me it means stepping into the raging flow of life, unleashing all the possibilities, following your heart's desire and letting go of fear and all withholding thoughts...

    Thanks for translating it in such beautiful words and image...


  13. Love this post, Jenny! Your ability to move from sewing to painting and drawing so beautifully is amazing and inspirational!

    I am floundering a bit these days trying to discover where my passion truly lies... figuring out how all the ways I love to create fit together... trying to find my "ease". Thank you for sharing the link - it is helpful :)

    It sounds like a truly magical day you had and I believe wholeheartedly that your grasshopper friend is indeed the sign of joyful news on your horizon... You are amazing!