Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Rings of magnitude

I am a lover of rings...mahooosive ones, the chunkier and more colourful the better! And even though my knobbly hands really don't deserve to be brought any attention too :)...they have become my own little outlet of revealing and declaring "ME" to the world!
I don't know about you but since I hit my thirties (which also combined with working as a midwife) my dress style has toned down tremendously and I've gone from colour, pattern and sparkle to jeans! But with the decline in colour and adventure in clothes there has been a corresponding rise in the size and flair of the rings I wear! :)
These are my recent purchases from the lovely Mandy at Zougeebean that have just arrived. I LOVE them! And I particularly LOVE the fact that the ring with the ostrich burying it's head in the sand only fits my wedding finger....heehee....quite amusing when you know Stu and I are not married, my eldest is desperate for us to tie the proverbial knot :)
So what about you guys? Do you still dress as you used to in those heady days of adventure and lack of inhibitions?! I'd love to hear what outlet you have that reveals who YOU really are?!


  1. LOVE these rings!
    & oh...the last few years
    i've become much freer about what i wear...
    one of my clients last week called me
    pippi longstocking..which i receive as a
    HIGH compliment (a FAV from childhood).
    enjoy your rings & gorgeous LIFE, dear one!

  2. oooh, those are fun rings, i am off to check it out! xo

  3. hi, ok those rings are the coolest! I love the anchor with the ocean! Thanks for introducing me! i can see those being addicting! they are so fun

  4. Okay, you can't get any funner! Off to check these out!

  5. Love your new rings! I have a big pink plastic rose ring that always makes me happy when I wear it.

    I try to incorporate things that I've made into my outfits, whether it be clothes or jewelry or accessories, but I have to admit that since living on the farm, I'm usually just dressing for comfort (in the winter and cold spring = lots of layers).

  6. Hi Jenny,
    Love those rings...they're great fun...Oh to be thiry again... big huge sigh, am three years away from 50 yuk yuk yuk. Like you, my dress style has gone from bright pinks and stilletoes to jeans and muddy colours, easy care wash instructions and flat comfy shoes... I've gone from snappy dresser to boho... but my hair is always done and my nails are always painted Chanel's Rouge Noir in winter and French manicure in summer... a girl has standards even if her wardrobe doesn't.... enjoy those gorgeous rings...

  7. Shoes! Navy top, navy jeans, navy cardi BUT red trainers! :)))) LOL

  8. Those rings are fab. I love funky jewellery like that but don't think it suits my hands-looks fab on you. I live in jeans and comfy clothes and once we got the dogs our weekends now consist of mucky walks so wellies are much more useful than the pretty shoes i would like to have adorning my feet! I'd love to be a glamour puss like some of my friends but have to face facts-i'm more functional than fancy!