Sunday, 28 November 2010

Christmas ornament swaps! AEDM #28

You would not believe the amount of snow that we have had and is still falling...not unusual for this part of the world but it was accompanied by thunder and lightning too! A new and quite surreal experience for me!
However it remained the perfect day for a morning of sledging followed by an afternoon of sewing. I was able to finish off all the christmas ornaments I'd signed up to swap! Which is a good I can get them wrapped up and sent off to various parts of the world....another very good feeling too :)

The ones above are all for Louise Gale's Creative Colour Challenge Ornament Swap where we were to make three christmas ornaments using the colours gold, green and red....each one will go to a different home.
Certainly not the colour choices I would normally go for...but that's the whole fun of this challenge...stretching the old boundaries! I'm fairly happy with the finished trees even though the photos don't really capture the colours. There are more to see here over at Flickr.

This pink and green one is for the New Zealand Christmas Ornament Swap where the requirement was to make a handmade ornament and card.....I like the colour combo of this ornament and really wish I could be getting posted along with it...I've ALWAYS wanted to go to New Zealand!

One day....!

Pop along to Creative Every Day too and see what everyone else has been upto!
Hope you are all keeping cosy :) X


  1. I agree with you about the color choice. They wouldn't be mine either. Too traditional for me. But you did a great job. I love them. Whoever gets them is a lucky person.

    Zebracorn Art Journeys

  2. Oooh i love your ornaments. So colorful and fun. xx

  3. Lovely decorations - lucky recipients! My sister-in-law and family live in NZ, and in 10 years we've still not managed to get out there... one day maybe, hopefully!

    Great blanket in the last post too, you manage to do soooo much, how?? Please share your secret x

  4. These are so much fun! I love the playful blend of ribbons.

  5. THESE look so pretty and what an awesome idea!I really need to find some swap groups.

  6. They look great! I'm participating in a swap too, but none of yours... I'm sure your fellow swappers will be thrilled to receive one of these in the post, I would be!

  7. love seeing all of your ornaments! ah, what a dream of mine too to visit new zealand!

    best wishes,

  8. How interesting to have thunder with snow. Your ornaments are lovely. I have to get mine in the mail on Monday. I love your card/ornament swap also, that is a fun idea. The pink and green go so nicely together.

  9. So pretty. I don't celebrate Christmas but it's all fun to go around and see people making such beautiful things!

    The color combination is so great. Love them all :-)

  10. these are really cool. i like the mixture of different textures. you did a good job keeping them modern despite the traditional colors too.

  11. Beautiful ornaments! I especially love the tree one.

  12. dear Jenny,
    I am one of the lucky recipients of your delightful Christmas tree ornaments. Thanks so much. I was in such a rush to get to the post office the day I sent my ornaments out that I forgot to send out the card and my contact info with it. Love your blog too!