Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Big Dreams re-visited! AEDM #16

Today has been a day of re-starting.... scrapping the old and sweeping in with the new.
So the below painting that you saw a few days ago has been painted over and re-born! It's still not completely finished, but I'm a LOT happier with it..which I think is pretty paramount if it's reflecting my "big dreams!"

:0/ yeuch!

And while I'm on the subject of "Big Dreams!, Louise Gale has just announced her e-course "Big Dreams small wonders" which is beginning in January. There is a short video clip over on her blog where she describes all the wonderful things that will be going on...sounds really inspiring and motivational....can never have too much of that!!
Don't forget all the inspiration over here at creative every day too!


  1. It looks awesome! It's always so neat to see how much better you can do when you re-paint something!

  2. Really lovely! I love the idea of dreaming big. And isn't repainting something dreaming big itself?

  3. These are awesome!! Love them!! They're definitely reflecting your big dreams vision.

  4. I think they're both beautiful (and I love the idea behind them)!


  5. Well, now your dreams are layered, that can't be bad at all since you took the good from the last one and made it better. Isn't that what dreaming is all about? The girls face is great, it looks peaceful but also with a touch of excited anticipation about whatever she's day dreaming about. Great job girl!

  6. Loving your spirit!! And thank you so much for the link!

  7. Wow - loving both the pictures actually! And love love all the detail!