Sunday, 10 October 2010

That little bit different

Blogtoberfest post: 5
Today has been a great day which is rather fortuitous as I'd COMPLETELY forgotten the I can look back on 10/10/10 and know I was spending a day with my family chasing my eldest and my brother on go-karts and ate such a big cake that I did come home feeling a bit sick!! Good times! :)
So while it has been a day a little bit different from all the other days (because of the date) I'd like to share a few inspiring items that are that little bit different!

Anastassia Elias
Who'd have thought of finding such a fantastic use for toilet rolls?! There's LOTS more to be
seen here.

I have only recently discovered Guerilla Knitting but love the idea of seeing statues with a pair of leg warmers on :) More photos here

Last thing is the Cloud Harp, which is slightly more complicated and scientific!! But it creates music from the shape and height of the clouds above it! There is a video here to go and check out! Its sounds very sci fi (and slightly eerie I think) but I'd love to hear what you think!

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  1. How cool is that toilet roll pic! I'm off to have a look :-)