Saturday, 28 August 2010

Lil' Treasures
I'm BIG on believing in being positive and looking at the good things that life bestows us, and doesn't take much except maybe a little pause now and again to stop and take in ALL that blesses our lives! So you can imagine that when i stumbled upon this GORGEOUS little "happiness companion" called "spoonful" it was devoured and relished cover to cover! The idea is its a bite-sized morsel of happiness which can be finished by the time you hop off the bus. A little reminder of some of the good things in life, a collaboration of poems,stories,anecdotes, art and only wish is that it came as newspaper size, and replaced all the current circulating fodder!! And while I'm on the day I also dream that the tv news will feature only amazing stories of joy, love,good fortune, looking perfect just the way we are etc etc.....then I would DEFINITELY watch it!!
How likely do you think that is??:)
Anyhoos, this little joyful spoonful spurred me on to putting my "JOY journals" out there into the world! I've had them sitting collecting dust for a LONG time which is really NO place for a JOY journal to be! I've stuck 2 of them on my etsy shop for just now...

And while I continue on all things good and joyful, I just wanted to share these delightful smiley girls I received the other day from Aren't they adorable :)

So what brings you that little bit of happiness?? XX


  1. I would watch it too!! Sounds fabulous :)



  2. I had something that brought me joy just a few days ago. I received a GORGEOUS hand made book in the post and it was carefully crafted with delicious shades of turquoise and fabrics of lace, wool, tulle and silver threads and I fell in love with it.