Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dance to the beat of the drum

"Dance to the beat of the drum"can be used as a metaphor for a lot of describe my journey as i listen to my creative heart beating and leading the way, taking me on a merry dance. That I'm following my own rhythm, listening to my own beat, dancing my own dance.
However, last night I was quite literally dancing to the beat of the drum and WHAT A FEELING!
I forget just how much the African drum talks to my soul but when that skin touches the skin of the drum...I'm OFF! soaring high! :0)
We "gatecrashed" this wonderful little festival that takes part once a year, nestled in the Glens, a stone throw from the town that we live in. (mum and dad are involved in organising it so not quite gatecrashing) Every year about 150 people from all over Britain come to take part in african drumming and dance workshops (and more) lead by teachers from Senegal, The Gambia and Zimbabwe (amongst others). I just LOVE this whole experience, the merging of cultures; the bagpipe meets the african drum! And this all happens amidst sheep, heather and midges galore. I imagine initially the locals were a bit perplexed but 7 years on I guess they'll be well used to the echo of the drums!
So, my weekends revelry has certainly reminded me to keep following the beat of my own drum and more importantly not to wait a full year before I'm dancing to the real live beat of the african drum because i truly love it so :0)

For a better insight into the "Drum village" check out (sorry you can't click straight into skills still pretty poor!) Above photos are borrowed from forgot my camera. Doh!

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  1. that sounds so fun! so glad you got to do that and hope you do it again soon...